SERVICE: Private “Cord Cutting Ceremony”

SERVICE: Private “Cord Cutting Ceremony”

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Private “Cord Cutting Ceremony”

A meditative sound healing experience with Shamanic guidance. 
Cut negative energetic cords with current and past lovers, family and friends. Along with self limiting thoughts, addictions, habits. 

Common questions: When do you know it’s the right time to cut the energetic cord?

If we find ourselves obsessively thinking about an ex-partner, feeling remnants of pain due to old memories, feeling resentment or bitterness due to past grievances, feeling tied in or drawn toward someone as though they have a hold over us, or simply if we find it difficult to move on and we want to start over.

Can I do this for an existing relationship but would like to remain in this relationship? 

This cord cutting ceremony can be used in current relationships that have painful history, especially if there are triggers causing arguments over the same thing continuously. We may want to cut a cord from someone so that we can detangle ourselves from negative interactions and emotions, but we do not want this person to physically leave our lives. If this is the case, we can make the decision to remove the particular low frequency cords, while still remaining closely connected to that person.
We just need to set the intention to locate the cords that influence our emotions and cause us to instinctively react, while leaving any positive cords intact. Our relationship will not suffer when we cut these cords, as only the negative aspects of the relationship will be eliminated. This will result in the dynamics changing so that less negative interactions occur, and the positive aspects of the relationship will remain the same or be enhanced.


Duration : 1 HR

you May book multiple hour session